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Comprehensive legal support in green-field investments (wind, solar, hydro, biomass) starting from DD analysis, obtainment of construction/operational permits and licenses, development of the facilities, fulfillment of environmental policies, etc.

Electricity Market

Legal advice concerning the production and sale of electricity, in light of liberalization of the Serbian electricity market and cross board trading.

Oil & Gas

The traditional energy sector still holds a dominant share in the regional energy market. We assist clients in preparation of all types of agreements and representation before competent authorities.

Energy Licensing

Legal assistance and representation in obtaining energy licenses and other administrative permits.

Transportation & Bunkering

Our clients are leading domestic and international companies providing oil transportation and bunkering services. Apart from traditional ways of transportation, we advise clients involved in the currently underutilized, but up-and-coming Danube waterway.

Mining Law

We are assisting our clients in order to understand and properly apply issues related to ownership status and exploration activities in this complex field.

Commercial Agreements

Assistance in preparation of various types of commercial agreements, pertaining to sale and purchase, supply and logistics of energy products.