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Environmental Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Advising clients in order to comply with local regulations and assistance in obtaining necessary licenses and permits; Close collaboration with both public and civil sector in education and improvement of administration capabilities and establishment of environment-friendly values.

Water & Utilities

Water management and waste water treatment capacities require urgent and broad improvement in Serbia and are areas where the legal knowledge and understanding of both domestic and EU regulations is essential.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Overview and transfer of property rights over agriculture land, outline of its specific status and due diligence of potential environmental issues.

Waste Management

Complete support to our clients in various areas of this sector, including waste management (collection, transportation, treatment, etc.), recycling industry, development and management of waste-to-energy facilities, landfills, transfer stations, etc.

Diverse environmental-related consulting services

Advising related to legal aspects of air pollution, noise emissions, forests management, etc.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Close monitoring of national legislation adjustments and implementation of strategies in light of recent global developments and tendencies.

Environmental Litigation

Representation before competent bodies in environmental proceedings. Failures to comply with regulations in this field may lead to administrative, misdemeanor, litigation or even criminal procedure which requires knowledge of both the procedural and environmental aspects.